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Sayreville Historical Society Meetings

Winter/Spring 2013

February 14th

“Explosion at Morgan: The World War I Middlesex Munitions Disaster”
by Randall Gabrielan

Randall Gabrielan is the executive director of the Monmouth County Historical Commission and that county's historian. He has written many books of history on five counties in two states. This is his second Middlesex title. He has also spoken widely on a variety of topics. Gabrielan lives about twelve miles from the explosion site with his wife, Carol T. Stout, and their golden retriever, Roland. His new book will be available for purchase at this meeting.

March 14th

“The Delaware and Raritan Canal” by Linda Barth
Linda J. Barth is a retired fourth-grade teacher who lives in Somerville, New Jersey. She is very active in the Canal Society of New Jersey, one of the largest historical societies in the state.

April 11th
“Great Storms of the Jersey Shore” by Margaret Thomas Buchholz

Great Storms of the Jersey Shore is a dramatic history of the major coastal storms that have hit the Jersey Shore throughout recorded history. This slide show is adapted from the book, which is illustrated with nearly 200 photographs, engravings, and maps. I have chosen an exciting selection to fit in the one-hour format, and have added photographs gathered in the years since the book was first published in 1993. Great Storms of the Jersey Shore combines exhaustive research of archival reports and old news accounts with interviews of more than 200 people who experienced major storms first-hand. It includes extensive narratives of the devastating 1962 northeaster and the great hurricanes of 1938 and 1944. Those who have known the power of the great storms draw us in to a time and place where survival is uncertain. Few persons living at the shore today have experienced extreme storms, but for those who have — as I describe in my readings — it is a defining moment in their lives. This presentation is an opportunity to appreciate the horror and beauty of nature at its most powerful. It covers the whole shoreline, but can be altered to emphasize the northern or southern shore.

Margaret Thomas Buchholz is co-author of "Great Storms of the Jersey Shore" (1993), which The New York Times called "one of the best documented compendiums ever published of what it meant to be there." She edited "Shore Chronicles: Diaries and Travelers' Tales from the Jersey Shore 1764-1955" (1999), "a real eye-opener," as described by Booklist. She is the author of "New Jersey Shipwrecks: 350 Years in the Graveyard of the Atlantic" (2004), which won the Foundation for Coast Guard History award, "a brilliantly researched chronicle of shipwrecks," Island Album: Photographs and Memories of Long Beach Island" (2006) and"Josephine: From Washington Working Girl to Fisherman's Wife" (2012), "a luminous biography of a spirited woman and her journey through the first half of the 20th century," (all Down The Shore Publishing). Her essays about the Shore have also been included in the anthologies "Four Seasons at the Shore" and "Shore Stories".

May 9
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June 13
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