1877 Map of the Clay District of Middlesex County

"The following report is intended to present an intelligible description of the clay deposits of New Jersey. They have long been known, but their importance and extent have been understood only for a few years. Their uses for common earthen and stoneware pottery, first attracted attention about the beginning of the present century. Clay from Morgan's clay banks at South Amboy, was used in making stoneware at Van Wickle's pottery at Old Bridge, now Herbertsville, about 1800. Ebenezer Price, Ebenezer Price, Jr., and Xerxes Price purchased the property at the Roundabout, now Sayreville, on the Raritan, in 1802, and began making stoneware pottery, using for the purpose clay from Morgan's banks, at South Amboy. The use of the stoneware clay for pottery gradually extended, and it is now carried to pot- teries everv where alona; our Atlantic coast. (Continue reading...)"