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The Sayreville Historical Society Museum Then and Now

The Sayreville Historical Society has many visitors on Sunday afternoons at our museum. Some are merely in the area and see the sign that we're open and pop in to see what we have in our collection. I would say the majority are pleasantly surprised and leave wishing they had a little more time to browse. Some are on the other side, donating an artifact to add to the collection. However, many are on a mission. They come seeking answers to questions. A popular request - What do you know of my ancestors that were in Sayreville? Some are not able to visit in person, but inquiries left via telephone, letters, e-mail, Facebook, etc., are fielded by a group of dedicated and knowledgeable members. We investigate to the best of our abilities and reply to each and every one. We may not have the total answer, but often suggest where the information may be obtained.

You've seen the ads for Ancestry, but our museum, like many local resources, houses documents that are not searchable on-line and give you a lot more flavor and understanding, even if we don't know your ancestor specifically. We have some family trees (thank you to those that share their research), corporate newsletters, class pictures, items that show how most residents lived, worked, worshipped, and built the community we are lucky enough to call our home.

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